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About WOOculture

WOOculture was conceived 8 years ago by Emma Smallbone after her workshop participants were looking for a space to re-connect.

WOOculture was created as a Ritual and Cyclical living community!

We are inclusive and welcome all beliefs.

Why you may want to join WOOculture?

  • To be welcomed into an inclusive community for beginners and life long practitioners of witchcraft.

  • To learn the foundational teaching of witchcraft + ritual.

  • To share your own wisdom with a group of fellow spiritual seekers.

  • Your desire to connect with your ancestors and your spirituality has you seeking deeper wisdom.

Ritual, Wisdom and Community are waiting for you.......

Who is Emma Smallbone?

Emma Smallbone is a Mum, Seer, Healer and Wise Woman. She has had many life times within this single span. She has been a college professor, a photographer and a metaphysical shop owner.

She loves creating her own healing medicines in the form of metaphysical potions she create in her workshop in the woods.

Her pride and joy is her family home nestled in Puslinch, Ontario Canada. Where she is the ward of a protected forest and all the animals and earth spirits there.

From this land Emma is helping creating a community of like minded individuals that is rooted in ritual and cyclical living.

Emma also provides services in the way of Spiritual Readings and Ritual healing.

Her connection to the ancestors has made her internationally know as a Medium and Seer.

Reading for CEO's and Mum's alike for the past 10 years. Emma believes that we all deserve the guidance of our ancestors and the Old Gods.

In Emma's own words........


As a Healer I feel pain and trauma within your body.

Working with your energy and the collective, together we help you heal.

I show you what no longer serves you in life, and help move you towards an energy and a life you truly desire.

Wise Woman

As a Wise Woman My strength is to see your potential in all aspects of life.

I was given this wisdom in life to inform you of the purpose of your life path.

I shine a light on the things you can't see and I gently lead you away from the path that is no longer yours.


As a Seer I hear and connect with what the universe is calling us to do.

I can help guide your soul to listen to who you want to be in the world.

Past. Present. Future. A Seer see's it all.

We are here to show you the options that are right in front of you......even though you may not see.

We see the unseen and bring it too the light.

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